Mimeo now offers lamination for Bound Documents. This new lamination within our platform is intelligent, meaning it ensures that options are made available to you, in real time, work together in building your document. Our goal is to increasingly save you time, and this new integration means you’ll no longer need to take additional steps to submit special instructions for your laminated documents.

Previously with special instructions, 5 mil. and 10 mil. Edge Seal laminated documents required a 48 hour turnaround time – this time window has shrunk in half to a mere 24 hours. Our virtual proof will have a visual indication–represented by a shine–of the pages or covers that you choose to laminate.

Binding heights and document heights are automatically calculated so your document won’t exceed the document build parameters.

Lamination Customers Mimeo Update

Lamination Options

When you upload files for a document you’ll have the option to select the type of paper lamination. You will be limited to only one thickness and type of lamination per document. The available lamination types and their corresponding document options are as follows:


5 mil. and 10 mil. Flush Trim 5 mil. and 10 mil. Edge Seal
  • Loose Sheets (including hole punch)
  • Binders
  • Spiral
  • Twin Loop
  • Loose Sheets (including hole punch)
  • Not available with any binding
  • Letter & Half Letter
  • A4
  • A5
  • Min. 3×5”
  • Letter
  • A4
Stocks    All non-glossy stocks    All non-glossy stocks
Turnaround    24 hours    24 hours


Lamination Conditions Around Bound Documents

You can laminate just the document’s covers, just its body or you may choose to laminate the entire document. There are a variety of paper stock options that you can choose from. However, in the case that you do choose a paper stock or binding type that don’t support lamination, you will be prompted to remove the lamination or reverse your non-supporting change.

Please note that any slip sheets you insert will be laminated along with the rest of the document body. Additionally, tabs are available only for Flush Trim laminated documents that are entirely color print or economy color.


Like everything else in the virtual proof, any changes you make with lamination will be updated in real time.