Pamphlets are the ideal way to summarize information clearly and beautifully. Pamphlet printing provides stunning images and cohesive layout design. From marketing materials to restaurant menus to travel guides, pamphlets have many purposes. Pamphlets add a professional appeal to documentation and literature and there are many different formats and folds to represent your content.

Yet having the layout of your content and graphics becomes a little complicated with 2, 3 or 4 panels. From accordion to z-folds, here are step-by-step instructions on how to make a pamphlet.

Step 1:  Create Your Pamphlet

The trickiest part about creating a pamphlet is ensuring the correct layout of its content and graphics. Otherwise, you may end up with fold lines cutting off words or upside down graphics on the wrong panels. You can download these free pamphlet templates that provide guidelines and dimensions for your pamphlet layout.

Create Your Pamphlet

These templates are available as Microsoft Word (pictured above) files and Adobe PDFs. If you’d like to use another program to create your pamphlet, Mimeo accepts other file formats including QuarkXPress.


Turn on your rulers, gridlines or, if using Adobe, enter into full bleed mode to effectively space margins.

Step 2:  Upload Your File

Log in to your Mimeo Print account and select Browse for Files or drag your file into the file uploader box (shaded in gray). Once the upload is complete, the status bar will change from blue (indicating processing) to green.

If you are creating a duplex pamphlet, you may upload 2 single-sided files to combine into 1 pamphlet. To do so, browse for additional files or view files already existing in your Mimeo Document Library. When satisfied with your file selections, click Create a Document Now.

Select the type of pamphlet you would like to create. Mimeo offers pamphlets in the following pamphlet folds and formats:

Mimeo offers pamphlets in the following pamphlet folds and formats


Tall half fold pamphlets are great for restaurant menus. The standard landscape half fold is ideal for creating professional cards.

Step 3:  Proof Your Document

In this example, we’re building a 3 panel z-fold pamphlet. Mimeo’s virtual proof provides photo realistic quality of your document pamphlet. The virtual proof helps to eliminate waste by ensuring the correct layout and design before pamphlet printing. You can open, close and flip through the pamphlet panel’s to see your content layout. Remember that what content and graphics you place on the front and back panels is what is seen without opening up your pamphlet. We recommend developing eye catching and relevant content to place on these two panels.

Proof Your Document

You can modify the pamphlet size and orientation along with its color options and paper stock in the virtual proof. Here you may also enable print to edge (full bleed) to create a marginless look. Please note that if you opt for print to edge, your images and content will be printed to the edge and trimmed.

Mimeo’s Print to Edge tab will show you what areas will be trimmed. Anything you do not want cut off should be well within the guide’s blue box. All color, artwork and images that will bleed to the edge of the sheet need to extend to the red line. If your pamphlet has crop marks, you must use the Scale slide bar to move them off of the page.


You can turn on your display guides by clicking the Display Guides checkbox. Enabling the display guides will help to show you precisely where the folds and cutlines are.

Step 4:  Print and Distribute

While still in the virtual proof, you may choose how to package your pamphlet. If you’re ordering small quantities you may elect to package your pamphlets flat. However, Mimeo’s production facilities can save you time with our state-of-art machinery and tools that automatically fold pamphlets for you. Click the appropriate radio buttons (Folded or Flat) to decide how you want your pamphlets packaged. When you’re finished proofing and customizing your pamphlet, you can either save it to your Document Library or continue to purchase. Once you hit submit, Mimeo will automatically begin the pamphlet printing process.

Print and Distribute

To proceed to payment and shipping details, click Add to Shopping Cart. Review the details of your order and continue to checkout. You can send your pamphlets directly to a person, organization or event. You can also send these pamphlets to yourself to place in the front lobby of your office. Whatever your pamphlet’s purpose, you can ship it to where it needs to be!


Mimeo’s printing services make it easy to create, proof and print your pamphlets, anywhere at any time. This means no more racking your brain trying to place content onto panels or spending hours carefully folding pamphlet edges. Click here to learn more about pamphlet printing and other print materials you can create with Mimeo’s online applications.