Bound documents add a quality of professionalism to your documents. People seek binding services to secure content and pages, and to gather different sections of larger documents into one uniform piece. However, if you venture to undertake binding documents all on your own you’re bound (pun intended) to hit a few issues. Without the right equipment, creating bound documents is difficult and time consuming. Not to mention, if you have a large quantity of documents to create and distribute the quality will not be consistent if all done by hand.

Mimeo’s binding services provides users with the capability to create unique documents in just a few simple clicks. We use cutting edge technology in conjunction with manufacturing automation and quality control standards to provide high quality binding services. Here we explain how to do so in the steps explained below:

Step 1:  Upload Your Files

Log in to your Mimeo Print account and select Browse for Files or drag your file into the file uploader box (shaded in gray). Once the upload is complete, the status bar will change from blue (indicating processing) to green.

You have the ability to upload multiple documents. In this example, we’ll be creating a twin loop bound document made from 2 separate files. To upload additional files, simply click Browse for more files… or view files already existing in your Mimeo Document Library. When satisfied with your file selections, click Create a Document Now.

Step 2:  Choose Your Binding Type

Mimeo’s  binding services offer a variety of binding types for your document. Please note the maximum page capacity listed below each binding type. Most of our customers don’t exceed the 460 page maximum.

Binding Options

You will now be prompted to select the order in which your files will be appear, along an option to print the content single or double sided. Separate files can be printed as either duplex or simplex and in black and white or color. In this example we are combining our Mimeo Sustainability document with our True Cost of Printing document. When satisfied with your selections and the flow of your content, click Continue.


Materials that need graphics or other content that need to span uninterrupted across two adjacent pages are ideal for saddle stitching. Twin loop wire binding is highly professional, and great for laying pages flat for note taking.

Step 3:  Build Your Bound Document

The Document Builder provides the capability to customize and select the finishes in our binding services. This includes:

  • Binding Type
  • Hole Punches
  • Covers
  • Paper and Card Stock
  • Lamination
  • Color
  • Plex
  • Inserts (Tabs and Slip Sheets)

Spiral Bound Document Builder

The Document Builder gives you the unique ability to section off content within a single document. These sections can vary from others by color and plex. To apply formatting by sections, click Set By Section… and choose which content needs modified. When you have successfully created sections, you can go directly to them by clicking the double arrow located on the bottom navigation bar.


To better highlight sections, many Mimeo customers choose to separate content sections with fully customizable slip sheets and tabs.

Step 4:  Order and Distribute

To proceed to payment and shipping details, click Add to Shopping Cart. Review the details of your order and continue to checkout. Next you’ll want to enter in the required quantity for your bound documents. The price will be immediately reflected in real time. Finally choose the destination of your bound documents and you’re done!
Try Mimeo out with our step-by-step guide and see for yourself. The process is simple and intuitive, plus it doesn’t require any machines (or paper for that matter) on your end. Click through and select what you want for your bound document – we’ll handle all of the logistics. Don’t know where to start, but like what we created in our example? Check out our twin loop wire binding options.

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