Express Color Printing Options:

There are several ways that can help your company when you need a project finished quickly with our express color printing options. One such tool that we have for you is our online document builder. When you use our online document builder, your projects come out exactly as you want them. You can upload your files, graphic and text, choose the type of document that you need, and then begin to create your document in a fast and easy manner. While the builder is easy to use, it is also very powerful and can handle just about any job that you may have. Brochures, post cards, flyers, posters, color documents of all types are just a few of the documents that you can create with the builder. But you can also create larger projects as well. Business reports, white papers, financial statements, field notes, agent updates, and virtual any other type of multi-page publication is possible.

From the builder, you can move your project to the production side of Mimeo. When it comes to express color printing that is high in quality, Mimeo stands above the rest. We understand that you need to get your project shipped quickly and accurately. At Mimeo, our shipping personnel are highly skilled at getting work out the door and off to its designated destination. We offer a wide selection of shipping options, one of which is sure to meet your needs.

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