Episode 2
Work Together, Not Apart: 3 Marketing and Sales Alignment Secrets

Tune in as a VP of Marketing and KOL addresses an age-old question: how can marketing and sales work together, rather than as completely separate teams, to serve as a growth engine for any company?

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Amanda Wang

This episode of Mimeo’s Talk of the Trade Podcast features a game-changing interview with Amanda Wang. Amanda is VP of Marketing at Contino, a global technology transformation consultancy that works with the world’s largest enterprise organizations. With over a decade of marketing experience across multiple industries, Amanda enjoys developing strategies that blend creativity with strong processes, bringing brands to life while still making marketing activities measurable and insightful.

Amanda sat down virtually with Mike McNary, VP of Acquisition at Mimeo, to discuss how teams can Work Together, Not Apart: 3 Marketing and Sales Alignment Secrets.

The conversation reveals ways that Marketing and Sales can move beyond just handoffs and what each team owns. Instead, the speakers emphasize why teams should support each other through creative collaboration, transparency, and more. They cover:

  • Behaviors that teams can implement to work better together
  • How to define and establish data and success metrics
  • Prioritizing customer success and finding opportunities for growing accounts

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