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Welcome to Talk of the Trade, Marketing and Sales Success Stories! Tune in as we bring you proven strategies for taking on new challenges and opportunities in marketing and sales enablement. In every episode, we feature an insightful, engaging conversation with a leader and influencer in the field and key takeaways that you can implement right away. Our ultimate goal - to be your go-to resource for generating and winning more business.

Mike McNary, VP of Acquisition at Mimeo and a 20-year sales professional, sits down with a different expert and influencer – a marketing and sales success story – in each monthly episode. You’ll hear the secrets behind their success as well as their original ideas, tips, tricks, what’s working and what’s not, and action plans you can execute now to close sales.

Leslie Douglas

Episode 3 – Thinking Outside the Box to Motivate Your Sales Team

Guest: Leslie Douglas, VP of Sales Training

In this episode of Mimeo’s Talk of the Trade, Michael McNary talks with Leslie Douglas, VP of Sales Training at JB Sales, about how to motivate sales reps. For over a decade, Leslie has worked in sales across many industries. 

Amanda Wang
Amanda Wang

Episode 2: Work Together, Not Apart: 3 Marketing and Sales Alignment Secrets

Guest: Amanda Wang, VP of Marketing at Contino

Tune in as Amanda Wang, VP of Marketing at Contino and a KOL with over a decade of marketing experience across multiple industries, addresses an age-old question: how can marketing and sales work together, rather than as completely separate teams, to serve as a growth engine for any company?

Matt Heinz
Matt Heinz

Episode 1: 5 Tips For Following Up With Inbound Prospects

Guest: Matt Heinz, Host of Sales Pipeline Radio

Listen to a truly inspiring one-on-one interview with Matt Heinz, President and Founder of Heinz Marketing, and Host of the award-winning Sales Pipeline Radio. We sat down with Matt virtually to discuss 5 Tips for Following Up With Inbound Prospects, from connecting on a personal level to breaking through the noise to reach quality inbound prospects and close more sales.

Tune in next month for a new, exciting episode! You’ll hear tips, tricks, and secrets from experts – including what’s working and what’s not working now – and gain an edge on the competition.

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