Episode 12: Tending to Your Sales Team’s Mental Health

Jeff Riseley joins us to talk about why mental health matters to your sales team’s performance.

Jeff Riseley, the founder of the Sales Health Alliance, joins us to talk about why mental health matters to your sales team’s performance and how you can incorporate mental health into your management strategies.

In high-pressure environments like sales teams, mental health is a valuable asset that is too often at risk. Riseley has dedicated his career to talking about what mental health is, why it is important, and how sales leaders can incorporate mental health into their management strategies.

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Listen in for Riseley and Michael McNary’s conversation on:

  • What mental health is
  • Why sales often have negative impacts on mental health
  • How to care for your team’s mental health without crossing any lines

Keep learning about this topic with 25% off Riseley’s book, The Guide to Better Mental Health in Sales, with code TALKOFTHETRADE.

Don’t miss our blog post rounding up the key takeaways to hear more from David and the Tenbound team!

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