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5 Tips For Following Up With Inbound Prospects

Do you ever wonder how you can break through the noise to close more warm leads? Matt Heinz shares his secrets for quantifying, researching, and contacting inbound prospects via a multi-channel outreach strategy.

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Matt Heinz

This premiere episode of the Talk of the Trade Podcast—Marketing and Sales Success Stories, hosted by Mimeo, features an exclusive interview with Matt Heinz, President and Founder of Heinz Marketing, and Host of the award-winning Sales Pipeline Radio. Mike McNary, VP of Acquisition at Mimeo, sat down with Matt virtually to discuss 5 Tips for Following Up With Inbound Prospects

The conversation focused on breaking through the noise – providing you with winning strategies to stand out from your competitors when contacting warm leads. The result? You and your team successfully follow up with inbound prospects, write down and close more sales. – all via real-life, proven tips and tricks.

Listen to the full episode to find out how to:

  • Recognize which of your leads are worth following up with
  • Research your inbound prospects and their companies using the popular 3 by 3 method
  • Implement a multi-channel outreach strategy
  • Put a deal-winning sales call process in place

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