Centralize Your Marketing Collateral Process


Produce marketing materials through our in-region network of print service providers.

4 Steps of Mimeo PrintX Global Printing
Global Brand Consistency

Maintain Global Brand Consistency

Our unified QA guidelines ensure identical output of your materials, regardless of what region they are produced in.

Avoid customs issues

Avoid Customs Issues

Produce materials near their end destination to enable fast delivery and lowered shipping costs.

Eliminate fees, duties, tariffs

Eliminate Fees, Duties, and Tariffs

In-region production eliminates the costs and uncertainties associated with international shipments.

Largest Global Indigo Network

Largest Global Indigo Network

Gain access to a global fleet of Indigo presses managed through PrintX’s cutting-edge proprietary technology.

Expansive Product Offering

Expansive Product Offering

Enhance your marketing materials including brochures, sell sheets, catalogs, posters, letterhead, business cards, and more.

Realtime Pricing

Real-Time Pricing

Pricing is displayed in your local currency, in real-time.

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