Mimeo Securing Business Growth

Six leading IT executives describe why Identity and Access Management is key — and how it’s helping to increase overall business effectiveness.

Smart Enterprise Magazine | By Compiled by Karen J. Bannan


We consider customer-data confidentiality, security and access controls to be key success factors of our business. The quality of our product and data governance has allowed us to continually increase our customer base and grow our revenue year over year.

For me, the driving factor has been a desire to build a dependable, auditable and reliable network topology security foundation for both our customers and employee base. We need to protect our data and assets by providing access alerts and, if required, appropriate shutdown processes.

In addition, we’re launching a product that enhances our intrusion detection, network security monitoring and security vulnerability scanning. The product will also enforce security policies and device access management. What’s more, we have specific applications, policies and security solutions to protect our customers’ print file information, and this is essential for protecting their confidentiality. We have also deployed the sophistication of RF [radio frequency] technology, which enhances our existing order-fulfillment scanning process and helps improve our quality assurance and warehouse management processes.

IAM will continue to be a growing concern. This is especially true with the emergence of what we call “shadow IT.” When today’s IT-literate employees bring flash cards and other mobile devices to work, they expect the IT team to connect these devices to the company’s network to improve employee productivity. So the CIO needs to protect and secure the company’s network, as well as provide appropriate data governance, without always saying “no” to these employees.

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