Mimeo Supports Intercept Pharmaceuticals Continued Training Amidst Pandemic

Memphis, TN – Mimeo, the global provider of online managed print and content distribution, is proud to help Intercept Pharmaceuticals execute critical training on drugs treating chronic diseases, despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Intercept Pharmaceuticals planned to roll out an extensive cross-training launch for its team in Q1 to help patients living with various chronic medical conditions. When New York state mandated that non-essential workers must stay home, the training team had to find a new solution fast.

Mimeo was selected to print and ship their training manuals. The training team uploaded their files and built the documents virtually from their work-from-home computers to the MimeoPrint platform. Mimeo then printed the documents in its Memphis facilities and shipped with residential delivery to 130 recipients. The Mimeo account team tracked each shipment to make sure it was delivered on time.

“When we hear ‘essential business’, we tend to think of the frontline workers at grocery stores, who we thank for reporting to work every day. What people don’t realize is there is a whole stream of suppliers who are also essential to keeping those essential businesses open,” commented Mike Barker, General Manager of Mimeo. “This is just one story of many of how printing is crucial to critical efforts, including pharmaceutical campaigns like this one.”

When reflecting back on the project, the Intercept Pharmaceuticals training team expressed gratitude for how quickly Mimeo helped them adapt. Not only did it help their necessary project continue, but it created a sense of normalcy for team members as they transitioned to working from home.

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