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Why You Actually Do Want More Stakeholders for E-Learning

Diane Elkins from Artisan E-Learning shares why asking for everyone’s input helps you do your job better, even if it can be a little overwhelming.

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[Infographic] 75 Learning Resources You Should Know About

Check out this infographic on resources L&D professionals use to stay up-to-date on learning trends.

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How Training Lowers Healthcare Turnover Rates

There is a tremendously high healthcare turnover turnover rate. Learn more about the factors that lead to low retention and ways to overcome turnover.

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7 Essential Apps for Sales Team Road Warriors

Apps have become useful tools for sales team road warriors looking to stay organized and travel efficiently. Here are 6 of our favorites.

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6 Resources from the State of Corporate Learning Webinar

Straight from the comments of our State of Corporate Learning webinar, we’re sharing with you the great resources and ideas of our webinar attendees.

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6 Tips in Teaching Suggestive Selling to Your Retail Team

Suggestive selling can increase retail profits and delight your customers. Here are 6 ways you can train your retail team to use suggestive selling.

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What Radio Can Teach Us About Modern Training

ATD Master Trainer Jonathan Halls is a learning expert, especially when it comes to tailoring training for specific modes such as video or audio.

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Printing Lessons Learned at the FEA Annual Summit

Hannah Bagell, Account Executive at Mimeo, shares her experiences from the FEA Annual Summit.

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The Internet of Things, On Demand Print, and Sustainability

The Internet of Things constructs a world in which its key tenet is sustainable initiatives. Here are 3 sustainable uses of on-demand print and IoT.

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All In: Gaining Buy-In and Adoption of Training Programs

Donna Herbel, the Lead Director of Training and Development at Perkins and Marie Callender’s, shares the 2 questions you need to ask in order to get buy-in for your new training programs.

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Office design and company culture

Modern office design isn’t only focused on workflow optimization. Workplace design is deeply rooted in the science of improving employee experience.

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Tips for Designing Training Evaluation Surveys

No matter how good of an instructional designer you are, you will at one point receive a bad course evaluation. Here are 5 steps for moving forward.

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