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Don’t let EU MDR trap you into a maze of vendors

Partner with Mimeo, the only all-in-one solution for print and delivery of e-IFUs and Patient Implant Cards.

EU MDR's requirements for Instructions for Use and Patient Implant Cards are complex, but they don’t need to make your life more complicated.

Let Mimeo show you how to simplify global online access to all your approved Instructions for Use (IFUs) and Patient Implant Cards, and meet all print fulfillment requirements. With our all-in-one portal, you can:

  • Comply with EU MDR by offering a solution for digital delivery that can also accept a print request from your customer

  • Reduce print costs globally with a single solution that blends eIFUs with on-demand and volume printing of IFUs

  • Centralize access all IFUs and Patient Implant Cards, with easy reporting and controls

  • Improve your customer experience with a seamless IFU interface within your website

Streamline your Instructions for Use and Patient Implant Cards with Mimeo.

You don’t need to add multiple vendors to be compliant with IFU and other documentation requirements of the EU MDR.

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