Training Material Solution 

Manage and distribute training materials – no matter when or where – in any form: printed, digital or blended format.

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What challenges do you see in your training preparations?

Training is often prepared and conducted in a decentralised manner. These gaps can be closed thanks to Mimeo: Control all processes around document management and distribution with Mimeo Print.

Complicated procedures

Our team has been active worldwide for more than 20 years and knows the way many companies organise their training, seminars and further education. In particular, the handling of training media presents many companies with challenges time and again: many companies order materials and documents in advance and store them. Other training managers go to the trouble of printing all the documents themselves or invest their employees' valuable time in this work. 

Unnecessary time and cost expenditure

Most of the time, those responsible for further education and trainers have to collect, sort and assemble the required materials in time and transport them to the training location. This means that the trainers spend unnecessary extra time doing this and may even incur additional travel costs. In addition, there is a risk of document damage due to improper transport. Often, outdated surplus must also be disposed of after a certain period of time, so there are avoidable storage and disposal costs. 

Your advantages when printing and distributing training materials with Mimeo

The following challenges can be easily overcome with the Mimeo Solutions:

From the online libraries, the distribution of your training materials can be initiated in two ways: in digital and / or printed form. Either you organise the distribution yourself or you give your target groups the opportunity to order materials. 
For us, it is irrelevant whether your learners are all sitting in one seminar room or scattered around the world in different locations – we deliver (almost) everywhere and quickly. We also deliver last minute (overnight express if desired), giving you maximum time to prepare. 
We already print in very small quantities, even just one page or set. So it doesn't matter if a participant is added at the last minute. You can reorder at any time. 
Do you use training materials in English, Spanish, Norwegian or even Chinese? No problem! With the Mimeo platforms you can distinguish various categories, for example according to languages, user groups or training dates. 

The digital solution for the secure distribution of your content

Deliver content of any format to any device via your customised online library.

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Your individual storefront

Design your own online shop for your documents and other materials with our help.

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