Marketing Materials Solution

Effortlessly provide all your target groups with high-quality marketing materials.

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Manage, print and send marketing materials

Keeping promotional materials up to date and available everywhere is often a challenge. But with Mimeo Print and Mimeo Marketplace, it can be easy.

Print On-Demand

We make stockpiling a thing of the past. Print exactly the amount of marketing materials you need.

Your online shop for your target groups

Set up your own online shop without any technical effort. This way, your customers can download or order marketing materials at any time.

Simple processes with Mimeo 

Products change frequently, branding and logos do not always remain the same, content can quickly become outdated. Often an excessive number of copies are printed for stock, as it is difficult to calculate in advance how many copies will be needed within a certain period of time. In the end, however, many materials often have to be disposed of because they quickly become outdated. It is all the more difficult to update all documents in parallel at a certain time, for example for trade fairs, and to print and distribute them in time. This is where Mimeo can help!

With our platforms, many things can become easier: the ease of use and the quick turnaround can shorten your internal processes and outsource many tasks. You save costs and time in printing, warehousing, packaging and shipping.


  • Storage: we have space! Outsource your stocks to us. You can keep a constant eye on your stocks via our tracking tools.

  • Packaging: if you would like to add pens or jelly bears to your promotional brochures, we can do that too.

  • Shipping: with our reliable shipping partners, every delivery arrives at its destination worldwide on time.

Why print and send marketing materials with Mimeo?

The following challenges can be easily overcome with the Mimeo solutions:

You need to create, print and distribute complex documents.
You want to reach different target groups and your customer group is very large and possibly also scattered over a wide area.
You would like to individualise your materials.
You market different products and brands and have to update the related materials regularly.

What is better about Mimeo compared to the usual online printers or the copy shop around the corner?

While working with our business customers and partners, we attach great importance to high service quality, reliability and punctuality. We strive for long-term partnerships with our customers. Since our services include significantly more than those of usual online printers or copy shops, we clearly distinguish ourselves from them.

No minimum order quantities

There are no minimum order quantities with us – we can print just one copy if required. 

Online real-time preview

Our online real-time preview shows you all documents exactly as they will be printed – so you don't have to wait for proofs. 

Unlimited storage

Mimeo gives you unlimited storage space to create your own online library. There you can create your documents and always keep them up to date.

Worldwide shipping

You can arrange the printing and shipping process according to your needs. With our global partner network, we guarantee you the same quality worldwide.

Order picking

With Mimeo you save time and money on storage, picking and packing, distribution and all other procedures related to the print distribution process in your company.


In addition, we place great emphasis on service and support you throughout your entire process – from file creation to distribution of the documents to your end customers. 

The Print On-Demand platform for business customers

Document management and online printing in the B2B sector have never been so easy.

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The digital solution for the secure distribution of your content

Deliver content of any format to any device via your customised online library.

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Your individual storefront

Design your own online shop for your documents and other materials with our help.

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Tell us what exactly your challenges are - we'll tell you how Mimeo can help! 

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