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Simpler Logistics

Keep tabs on how your organization uses Mimeo with reports delivered directly to your inbox. Subscribe to document-level and order-level reports. Plus, use custom fields to customize reports for your organization, such as tracking purchase orders or event codes.

Talk to your Customer Success Manager to get started.

Custom Reports at Your Fingertips

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Add custom fields to your documents to take your content to the next level. Whether you are personalizing with client’s logos, learner’s names, or event graphics, your brand will shine with personalization.

Personalized Documents with VDP

Add Us To Your Workflow


What if every time a learner signed up for your training event, Mimeo automatically sent them a printed or digital workbook?

We can make that happen, and so much more! Talk to your Customer Success Manager about your API, whether it is to your Learning Management System, Customer Relationship Management System, or other enterprise software.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Embed Mimeo into your organization’s intranet, LMS, or other trusted system. That means no one on your team (not even you) needs to remember a password for Mimeo.com. It’s easier for you and more secure for your organization.

Mimeo Print, Marketplace, and Digital are all eligible for SAML 2.0 idP solutions. Talk to your Customer Success Manager to get started.

e-Procurement Integrations

Use Mimeo’s punch-out solution to keep print orders within your e-Procurement ecosystem, such as Ariba or Coupa. 

When your corporate users place print orders, Mimeo will monitor the order until the purchase order is generated and approved. 

Talk to your Customer Success Manager to get started with e-Procurement punchouts.

Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Put your content on display in your own branded storefront. Whether you want to use this as a showcase for prospective clients, a revenue-generating business line, or an easier way to distribute content to partners, Marketplace puts your brand front and center.

Marketplace Branded Storefront

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Create a content experience by kitting different pieces of content to arrive together, in the order of your preference. 

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Kitting and Bundling

SWAG and Promotional Items

Source your branded promotional items such as keychains and water bottles with a real-time preview, Mimeo’s guaranteed delivery times, and award-winning customer service.

Event Displays and Banners

Add your branding to our curated set of banners, table covers, flags, and more for your next event. Whatever your event need, we can supply it.


Make Mimeo your one-stop-shop for fulfillment. Whether you have an overflowing closet of SWAG, need to package a CD with your print material, or want to kit training classroom supplies with your manuals, we can help. 

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Digital Content Solutions

When you need to add digital content to your mix, consider Mimeo Digital. In this mobile-friendly platform, you can easily share digital versions of your files without sacrificing your intellectual property.

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