What Does the Average Training Team Look Like?

“As learning professionals, we need to do a better job of demonstrating our worth to the business by speaking their language and becoming a business partner rather than an order taker.”

Company Size

We’ll use team size as a differentiator on results throughout this report. “Big teams” are defined as any team larger than 11 or more members, while “small teams” are between 1 and 10 people.

We know from our past reports that training teams are lean machines. Once again, the majority of training professionals are on teams of 1-3 or 4-10 people. And, this year, an even smaller percentage of individuals are on teams larger than 100. Just 1% of our respondents reported this.

How many people are in your training department?

External vs Internal

Our respondents overwhelmingly provide internal training, with 70% reporting that their learning population is within the same company as the training team.

Of those who provide external training, a slim majority are tasked with training customers on a product, with other segments providing subject matter expertise (for example, ATD providing training certificate courses) or training contracted by a client (for example, Ken Blanchard courses).

  • 53% train a customer on their product
  • 33% train an external population on subject matter expertise
  • 14% provide training contracted by a client