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Digital Native

An individual who grew up using technology and has almost no trouble adapting to new digital platforms.

Custom Learning Paths
Training plans designed to let the individual learner choose how and when they engage.

Augmented Reality
A design approach that layers interactive computer-generated information on top of our existing reality. Pokemon Go is a classic example.

The act of applying aspects typical in a game-- such as point-scoring and leaderboards-- and applying them to a training environment to create a motivational and interactive learning experience.

Interpersonal Skills
The ability to conduct oneself well with other people. These skills generally include being able to communicate well, being a good listener, and being well-mannered.

A design strategy to deliver content to learners in brief, specific bursts through short-term learning activities. Microlearning allows learners to control what and when they’re learning.

Mobile Learning
A portable method of learning, such as through a tablet or smartphone.

Self-paced Virtual Training
This type of training refers to learning that occurs in a digital environment, where the pace of learning is determined by the learner. E-learning modules are a great example of self-paced virtual training.