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We’d like to take a moment to thank our 518 respondents, who took the time to answer our questions and provide insight into their training process.

We’ve shared the stats you’ve provided about your training, and now we’d like to share some of ours.

The majority of you - 91% - completed the survey using a PC or laptop and took just under an hour to complete our questions. Of the remaining respondents, 38 of you used your smartphone, 3 used a tablet, and 1 used a miscellaneous device.

Maybe it was our first ever VR respondent? (That would be exciting!)

Whether it’s combating shrinking budgets, lobbying for buy-in, or struggling with a skeleton team, Learning and Development trainers will always have something they’re up against.

If this report tells us anything, it’s that, despite adversity, trainers will continue to be adaptive, collaborative, and always do their best to provide top training.

“Training is the most essential asset in today’s corporate landscape. It provides the business world with the top notch people that will be the best and most dependable.”