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At Mimeo, we are fortunate to be embedded firmly within the Learning and Development community. We have more than 2,000 customers in the L&D space, both Corporate L&D and Training Companies offering their services.

Every year, we produce the State of Learning and Development Report to share with this community. The report is based on survey answers collected from learning professionals both inside and outside Mimeo’s community.

Our goal each year is to describe:

  • What does the average training team look like?
  • What technology does the average training team leverage?
  • How do training teams measure their success?
  • How do training professionals stay up-to-date?

This year, we’re also taking a look at:

  • What do you think is the next big trend in learning and development?
  • What has technology not yet solved for you?

In addition to questions on the above topics, we asked respondents to define the state of corporate learning in their own words. You’ll see select quotes throughout the report.

Now in its fourth year, the report reveals that in some ways, training teams continue to be universal across time, size, and industry: they are small, strapped for time, and resourceful. In other ways, however, training professionals continue to evolve. Their sights are set on new technologies and new training methods to impact their organizations’ corporate cultures and demand a seat at the table.

Our hope is that this research shines a light on departments like yours that are small, scrappy, and striving - and gives you ideas for how to make your year of training even more successful.