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Put Content in Your Learner's Hands

Training teams partner with Mimeo for better handouts, manuals, and other training materials 

Training Handouts Made Simple

Whether you host training classes in you conference room or via a global channel network, Mimeo makes it simple to put training materials in front of your learners.


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What our customers say...

Ready for better handouts?

"There is no comparison to our previous process. The time savings are astronomical and the cost per document is significantly lower.”

Glenn J. Parker Drilling


A Modern Training Experience

Watch the video below to learn how fellow training teams increase training impact with better handouts from Mimeo.

Emailed PDFs aren't a good look.


Give your learners a modern training experience with digital content, accessible on any device or browser

Say goodbye to collating parties. 


Use our WYSIWYG tech to build, proof, and ship print training materials in minutes

Let your learners choose!


Publish your training manuals to a branded storefront and let each class choose their preferred format.