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Case Study: Digital Delivery of Client Content

Learn how Richardson delivers complex training in a digital format to its clients.

About Richardson

Richardson is a global sales training and performance improvement company. To help their clients achieve their goals, Richardson partners with them to develop customized training programs and a culture of continuous learning to help drive improved organization performance. Visit them at www.richardson.com.


Richardson’s global client base requires complex training in a digital format.

Richardson’s Team needed:

  • Deliver a learner experience that digitally replicates a classroom
  • Reach global learners through multiple languages
  • Offer content digestible on any device and in areas with unreliable internet access
  • Meet client budgetary requirements in delivering training content
  • Easily migrate existing content into digital format with limited redesign
  • Protect critical Intellectual Property
  • Provide a Richardson Branded Client Experience

“We realize how important it is for our clients to optimize training budgets for actual development of their salesforce and sales management teams.”

– Kathryn Young, Director of Delivery


Securely Reach Global Learners

  • Richardson utilizes Mimeo to offer clients a robust learner experience anywhere in the world. “It’s true content accessibility on the go.”
  • With Mimeo Digital’s offline feature, “We can rollout digital content to all of our global clients and they never have to worry about internet access reliability.”

Ensure Cost Effectiveness

A digital content offering also helps meet clients’ budgetary requirements by providing a greener alternative. Additionally, Richardson was able to implement user access fees in place of shipping costs. “Providing a cost effective option for content delivery significantly benefits Richardson’s clients. It allows the focus to be on individual development and the tools that support sustainable behavior change.”

Replicate a Classroom Experience

  • “We asked ourselves, ‘what would this book look like in a digital setting?’ We needed a way to migrate this highly customized content that didn’t require hours of labor for our graphic design team.”
  • Learning doesn’t simply end upon a course completion; it’s a continuous process. “At the end of the day, our clients want to reference something. It’s so great that they can access a handbook in Mimeo Digital, wherever they are.”

Protect Intellectual Property

“Mimeo Digital allows us to protect our IP, all while providing more value for our clients.”

Branded Richardson Client Experience

Clients receive a Richardson branded experience through Mimeo Digital’s customizable portal. “Mimeo Digital makes our client experience a lot better.”

Bonus - Dedicated Support in Going Digital

“Mimeo is on standby for us – migrating our content to a digital platform was a very big change for us. Your team was extremely supportive.”

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