Why Customers Love Mimeo

Mimeo customers have a lot to say, and that’s why we love them! We sorted through thousands of customer feedback and pulled out our favorites.

Published on 3 January, 2019

At the conclusion of every order, we invite our customers to provide feedback. We sorted through thousands and pulled out 13 of our favorites (plus two honorable mentions):

  • Every time I use Mimeo, I’m shocked by how easy it is!
  • I’m beyond grateful to the extra hand-holding that’s available. Don’t know how you guys hire such great people every time!
  • You’re so fast, we always get products to our customers on time!
  • Love Mimeo. Gets me out of a lot of last minute trouble.
  • :). Easy peasy. I love re-ordering!
  • Mimeo is amazing! I recently had to push through an order after 9 PM for next day delivery and not only did you make it happen for me, but the order arrived by 7:30 AM! I’m so impressed with the speedy delivery.
  • You’ve turned a two-day process into 3 hours. Thank you!
  • Amazingly easy to create training materials!
  • It’s always a pleasure working with the Mimeo representative — very professional, pleasant and knowledgeable. Many thanks for another stress-free proposal wrap-up!
  • I love the quick and easy process, especially the online view of each page of the book.
  • Always simple, straightforward, thank you.
  • Mimeo staff are THE BEST to work with and always have our back!
  • I continue to be impressed by your services. Thanks for being excellent and making my job easier.

A couple of our favorites here at Mimeo:

  • Easy as pie!… Ever think about why that is an expression? Making a good pie from scratch is actually a difficult skill. It should be like: Easy as making a frozen pie or Easy as Pillsbury cookies.
  • Sometimes they put beans in the soup and call it business.

While our technology makes it easy for our customers to order, our team ensures they have the support they need. Hear from Ben Ziwa, our Vice President of Customer Service, and see how Mimeo supports our customers.

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Mimeo makes the complex simple. See what our customers are talking about– check out our document builder in this 1-min video.

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Mimeo is a global online print provider with a mission to give customers back their time. By combining front and back-end technology with a lean production model, Mimeo is the only company in the industry to guarantee your late-night print order will be produced, shipped, and delivered by 8 am the next morning. For more information, visit mimeo.com and see how Mimeo’s solutions can help you save time today.

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