How Vacation Benefits Workplace Productivity

Many US workers don’t use their vacation time. Learn how vacation benefits result in a healthier mind, body, and business.

Published on 9 June, 2017

Americans left 662 million vacation days unused in 2016 alone. When it comes to taking a vacation, many employees feel they cannot or should not take time off because it could have negative consequences for their careers. In a recent survey conducted by TSheets, 70% of respondents did not use all of their PTO last year. 

On the contrary, 63% of the respondents also stated that they would refuse a job offer for employers that did not offer time off. Vacation can benefit workplace productivity and employee satisfaction, helping businesses recruit, retain, and refine talent. Here are a few ways offering paid vacation can pay off for your business:

Vacation Makes for a Healthier Mind, Body, and Business

Paid time off helps employees to restore their health and wellbeing. Many people believe that taking a break from work causes project delays and stress to ultimately accumulate. How can a person relax on vacation knowing how much work is waiting back at the office?

In fact, taking paid time off can actually increase productivity. When professionals take a break, they return to work feeling refreshed both mentally and physically. Vacation provides employees with renewed energy, outlook, and effort.

Renewed Energy

Spending a few days away from the office permits professionals to get more sleep, focus on activities they enjoy, indulge in self-care, and relax. Because stress directly impacts energy and your immune system, vacation often serves as a proactive health measure.

Professionals can reduce stress with a vacation day, or they can work until the stress is so high they are forced to take a sick day instead. Renewed energy not only allows employees to tackle work-related tasks with new vigor, but also permits them to solve problems and brainstorm solutions by boosting creativity.

There are Many Vacation Benefits to Consider

Renewed Outook

Stepping away from a task or project for a few days allows for a renewed outlook. To work through problems, generate new ideas, and stay ahead of the competition, you need an innovative and refreshed outlook. Whether paid time off involves changing your environment or daily routine, vacation offers many ways to inspire creativity.

Renewed Effort

A recent survey conducted by GfK found that employees who sacrifice their paid vacation time were less likely to receive a raise, bonus or promotion. The effort to be seen as a more valuable and dedicated employee often backfires. This is because sacrificing self-care often results in negative job performance.

By contrast, employees who take paid time off are more productive and more satisfied with their jobs. Keeping employees content keeps talent on your team.

Vacation Can Increase Employee Retention and Recruitment

Employee satisfaction not only impacts employee retention, but also acts as an effective way to involve your team members in the recruitment process. Satisfied employees build your business’s reputation as a place where employees feel valued and able to grow professionally, making your business an appealing prospect for applicants.

An Employee Value Proposition Advocates Organizational VisionCreating an Effective Employee Value Proposition

Developing a strong EVP is not just critical to your organization’s culture, it can also make or break your talent recruitment process. Learn how to strategize one here.

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