The Top 5 HR Startups of 2017

From advanced recruiter bots to ways of attracting the best talent, learn about 5 new HR startups doing things in the world a little differently.

Published on 9 November, 2017

The name Silicon Valley usually conjures up ideas of flashy new apps, artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies — just not regarding human resources. The fact is that as these companies change the way business is done, others are working to keep up with new-age workforce management within these companies. From advanced recruiter bots to ways of attracting the best talent, here are five promising new companies doing things in the HR world a little differently.

1. Mya

Mya is an artificially intelligent recruiter bot that aims to help screen the first round of candidates and even schedule follow-up interviews. Mya is designed to handle large applicant volumes while seamlessly integrating into existing applicant tracking systems.

2. Namely

Namely is a one-stop-shop for all things HR. With the goal to have an interface as easy to use as social media, it works to cover administration and compliance for payroll, time and benefits. Namely works to allow HR to spend more time on the human aspect of the job and less time in the small details.

Top 5 HR Startups3. Hppy

Hppy is an HR and employee engagement center. It compiles and distributes the latest news, insights and research from the human resources field. With business leaders and HR decision makers as the target audience, Hppy delivers the tools to improve employee engagement initiatives and workplace happiness in a modern  presentation.

4. Lingo

Lingo is trying to redesign the recruitment process through referrals. Lingo believes that candidates who are referred are more likely to be a culture fit and a longer lasting employee than traditional means of recruitment. Leveraging app-based technology, Lingo has designed a system that makes it easy to get great candidates.

5. Ratedly

Ratedly knows that it’s rare to get a serious application from a candidate who hasn’t thoroughly checked out a company’s reputation. It provides a monitoring service of all the anonymous workplace review sites out there and sends an alert when a new review has been posted. Ratedly hopes to make it easier for companies to stay on top of their reputations to avoid missing excellent candidates.

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