Our Top 5 Blog Posts for Trainers, Marketers, Proposal Professionals, and Everybody

Blog Posts Best of 2018

We’re joining the bandwagon in sharing which of our hundreds of blog posts were most popular in 2018.


We create content to help our community of professionals do their jobs better. The great thing about Mimeo is that we touch so many parts of the business:


Trainers use us for classroom workbooks and digital materials.


Proposal teams rely on us for next-day delivery of professionally assembled binders and presentations.


Marketers leverage our global presence for more controlled and efficient print collateral.


With that in mind, we curate our blog posts to provide insights for all our favorite departments.


Here our top 5 posts from 2018 for you and Linda who leaves cookies in the break room.


Tell us in the comments: which was your favorite post this year?


Blog Posts for Everyone

Blog Posts for Everyone


Blog Posts for Trainers

Blog Posts for Trainers


Blog Posts for Proposal Writers

Blog Posts for Proposal Professionals


Blog Posts for Marketers

Blog Posts for Marketers


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