The Top Challenges Facing Corporate Training (2018)

The Top Challenges Facing Corporate Training

Every year, we release a report on the State of Learning and Development, and one of our goals is to highlight the top challenges facing the corporate training world.

This year, we surveyed 263 learning professionals from a variety of industries, predominantly centered in North America.

We began by asking respondents whether they train an internal employee population or external.

There was a pretty even split between internal and external trainers in the survey. Of the external trainers, half provide custom learning for a client and another half provide training for customers or members.

Internal trainers’ challenges are perennial: they lack money, time, and executive buy-in.

For external trainers, however, the challenges of 2018 are different than 2017. Last year, external trainers reported budget, time, and demonstrating return on investment of training as their main pain points.

This year, external teams are more focused on the business of training as main challenges. For most external trainers, marketing is their top challenge, followed by time constraints and business development.

External trainers who are responsible for training customers or members list customer buy-in and fulfilling customer expectations as larger challenges than those who create custom learning for clients. Meanwhile, business development is a top challenge for trainers creating custom learning.

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