My Summer Content Internship at Mimeo

Deborah was Mimeo’s Content Intern during the summer of 2017. Read about her experience, what she learned, and how she contributed to Mimeo!

Published on 24 August, 2017

By Deborah Lalehzar, Content Intern

For most college students, summer is a chance to escape the stress that came with the school year. It’s a chance to travel and hit the beaches, relax by the water, and recover from the horror that was finals week.

But for many like myself, summer is an opportunity to gain real-life experience in your prospective career field.

Attending college in New York City is a privilege not many get to experience. Opportunity is around every corner, with some of the biggest names and business just a few steps away. This is how I managed to land the position at Mimeo as their content marketing intern.

An internship gives you the exposure and experience to learn and grow in your field beyond what your college professor can teach you. Mimeo was able to provide for me just what I needed and more.

Company Culture

Mimeo practices what they preach when welcoming new employees – I felt incredibly welcome on my first day.

From the moment I walked through the door, I was greeted by Ersan’s friendly and energetic face at the front desk. The 3 hanging TV screens at the entrance read, “Welcome Deborah, Content Intern” followed by enthusiastic illustrations.

My desk also welcomed me, fully prepared for my arrival. A laptop, Post-Its, Mimeo pens, stationery, and notepads were all placed neatly in front of me. There were also Mimeo content-related booklets that I was able to look through to familiarize myself with the company.

What immediately captured my attention at Mimeo was their absolutely great and welcoming team. The marketing team provided all the support I needed when I started and contributed to the positive and friendly atmosphere of the office.

During lunch breaks, we would all sit together and enjoy each other’s company. Many times I found myself laughing uncontrollably at the stories they would share. They even held a special “Welcome Deborah” lunch at a nearby restaurant to celebrate my first week on the job!

My summer internshipLearning & Growth

One of the best things about an internship is being exposed to the internal workings of a business and learn from what they have to offer. The team did a great job of teaching me what it means to work at Mimeo.

During my first week, I met with each member of the marketing team separately to learn what their roles are at Mimeo. Aside from my mentor Lauren Davis, the Content Writer, I met with- Robert, James, Katie, Mahu, Kevin, Doug, and Kelvin. It was a great learning experience to hear about what they each contribute to the company and the different areas of marketing.

Teamwork also plays a huge role at Mimeo, and shines through in their successes. Their weekly marketing team meetings are a chance to update everyone on the various projects they are each working on and occasionally align marketing goals. I had the privilege of leading one of these meetings with updates on my internship progress.

Another aspect of my internship involved me shadowing certain individuals or sitting in on various project meetings. Observation plays a huge role in the way I learn and it was really great to absorb knowledge this way.

Contributions & Responsibilities

The majority of my contributions to Mimeo revolved around their blog. This included both writing and proofing the various blog posts on the site, as well as pitching article ideas to the team. Lauren taught me how to use WordPress and publish using SEO and in no time I was a pro!

The first article I wrote was called “3 Team-Building Activities Your Workplace Will Love”, which included three of my suggestions for fun team-building activities like Escape the Room or Corporate Family Feud. I had a lot of fun writing that article, especially drawing from past experiences playing these activities with my Marketing Club at school.

I also contributed to our featured July and August blog posts, brainstorming the ideas of “10 Technological Innovations Explained Through GIFs” and Morning Larks vs. Night Owls: Best Times to Increase Workplace Productivity with Lauren and Robert. In addition, I created the emails associated with the articles that were sent out to 36,597 of Mimeo’s clients.

Mimeo blog internship


Many of the employees at Mimeo have multiple “rocks” per quarter which are tasks and projects that align with the overall objectives the company wants to meet.

As an intern, I was given my own set of “Rocks” to work on throughout my time at Mimeo. One revolved around the blog writing I was doing, which included interviewing other Mimeo Interns and creating a special blog post about their experiences as well as my own. 

The second “rock” I worked on involved Mimeo’s corporate sales presentation decks. I was responsible for researching various examples of presentations and coming up with suggestions for content changes.

In addition, I created a Typeform survey that was emailed out to the sales department regarding the existing presentation decks in order to analyze responses about what was working and what wasn’t.

The End to an Amazing Summer

Overall, my internship experience at Mimeo was everything I could have asked for and more. I met some amazing and intelligent people and accomplished projects that I’m really proud of. To Lauren and Robert, thank you both so much for all you have taught me and for making my time at Mimeo so memorable.

Mimeo Marketing Team

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