Mindfulness Training’s Increasing Popularity [Study]

Mindfulness training is growing in popularity. Why is this? What does it say about employers? Learn about mindfulness training in this Mimeo blog.

Published on 22 November, 2016

Employers are turning to meditation to benefit their staff, as well as themselves. A study conducted by the National Business Group on Health and Fidelity Investments found that mindfulness training is gaining steam.

Twenty-two percent of employers surveyed stated they already have programs focused on stress and anxiety reduction. Twenty-one percent are considering adding this sort of training in 2017.

Meditation = Billion Dollar Industry

Beyond its increasing popularity in American culture and many other regions across the world, meditation is growing into a multi-billion dollar business. With thousands of mindfulness apps and wearable devices already available to consumer, meditation’s role in corporate culture will greatly contribute to this growth.

Google, the poster child for seemingly endless corporate benefits; private chefs, nap rooms, lego building walls, free transportation, massage credits, and onsite physicians and personal trainers to name a handful, has even incubated a mindfulness training program called the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.

The industry is projected to experience substantial growth in the coming years as multiple Fortune 500’s are already adding mindfulness training to their benefit portfolios. Even public school systems have realized its positive impact; a school district recently provided mindfulness training to its students to cope with the recent behavioral effects of lead exposure due to the water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Why Train Employees on Stress Reduction?

By allocating resources and time to stress reduction training, organizations are empowered to offer their staff health benefits, and can improve productivity in the long run. In addition to stress and anxiety, mindfulness training is associated with diminished back pain and depression. By reinforcing behavior that prevents stress at its root cause, this training can also improve participants’ memory, focus, and self-control.

The result of which is both increased productivity (happier workers are often better workers) as well as lowering the overall costs associated with managing healthcare benefits (a healthier workforce is frequently a less expensive workforce). As millennials continue to grow as a sizable part of the world’s workforce, mindfulness training can be positioned as another competitive differentiator for organizations trying to attract talented candidates.

Mindfulness Training Improves Mental and Physical HealthWhat an Investment in Mindfulness Says About Your Organization

Employee benefits are essential to employees, but can also be handled in a sort of “check the box” type of mentality by management. Beyond benefits like basic healthcare and retirement, an investment in something proven to improve physical and mental health. This communicates to your employees that your management team genuinely cares about their well-being, and shows action behind this sentiment.

Beyond making a statement, such investment also makes an impact. For Learning & Development departments that need to calculate the ROI of their training initiatives, Mindfulness training plays well into an area that is often overlooked by organizations that are not as forward thinking.

A healthier, happier and more productive staff is hard to resist. No wonder more employers are developing their own mindfulness training programs.

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