Mimeo Books Private Plane to Help Customer Meet Deadline

Mimeo Books Private Plane to Deliver Crucial Content

The task:  250 financial analyst presentations consisting of 29,750 color pages to be printed, bound, and delivered in 9 hours. The requested order timeframe was already intensive. But what made it nearly impossible was delivering it to Houston from Mimeo’s print production facility located in Memphis.

Nonetheless, Mimeo made the delivery on time… by booking a private plane.

The client’s content wasn’t ready until 11pm – long past the logistics partner cutoff time. Over 500 miles and nearly 9 hours of driving make up the distance between Memphis and Houston. Mimeo’s production crews worked until 2am and then loaded the packages to be driven to the nearest Memphis airport. With 2 hours left of the deadline, the plane’s wheels touched ground in Houston.

To some, this may seem over-the-top. Possibly extreme. Yet, we’ve all been caught high-pressure situations. Faced with deadlines that can make or break you. In this case, the client readily agreed to pay an additional expense.

However, what’s more incredible is the commitment to providing audiences with relevant, helpful, and high-quality content. Although booking private planes is not the norm, delivering our clients’ amazing content to their global audiences every day is.

“The responsiveness I receive from customer care is incredible. Not just in responding, but in acting.” – Richardson Training

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Mimeo Books Private Plane: A version of this story was originally published in Inc. Magazine. Visit https://www.mimeo.com/support/print-and-distribute/ for more information about Mimeo’s turnaround capabilities.

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