Interview with Linda Pauer, Learning Coordinator

Mimeo interviewed Linda Pauer to learn how she got started in training, how she achieves her goals, and her advice for up-and-coming trainers.

Published on 8 January, 2019

We sat down with Mimeo customer, Linda Pauer, to find out how she got started in training, how she achieves her goals, and what advice she has for up-and-coming trainers.

How did you get started in training?

It’s kind of a funny story. I was a supervisor for a warehouse at a different company, where I was responsible for employee training. I decided to take some time to be a stay-at-home mom, but my sister, who worked at Metso, recruited me to put together training guides. I started off doing it in the basement of my house, and eventually I started going into the office where I was talked into working full-time.

How big is the team at Metso?

The answer to that question is changing. There are 7 people here in our Wisconsin location. It used to be that our group was responsible for both internal, customer, and distributor training across North and South America. Now the company is creating global training groups that are aligned to our business lines and market areas.

What role does your department play in your organization?

Our Department does Mining and Construction, Internal and External training for customers, distributors, and employees In the North American Market.

What kind of training do you offer?

We offer instructor-led Operation and Maintenance training for our distributors, customers and employees. We also have some specialized classes that include the sales side of the business for our distributors. In addition, we create online eLearning training for our distributors and employees worldwide.

You have been responsible for coordinating training across North and South America. What kind of challenges crop up when you start crossing borders?

The logistics can be challenging as far as locations and local customs. Addresses can become challenging especially when you get them in another language.

Metso provides both in-classroom training and e-learning. From your standpoint as the administrator for both, what do you see as being most effective? Do you know which one the learners like more?

Everyone likes e-learning if it’s short and they can do it quickly. When it becomes too long, it gets boring and tedious.

The problem is that no one has enough time in the day to get it done with their regular jobs too. We try to lean on managers to block time for them to get it done. We also provide monthly utilization reports so the managers can see who has completed the training.

That said, hands-on learners really like to be in front of the machines to touch and see the actual parts and how the machine is put together. That portion of training will never go away.

What are the top challenges of coordinating training for your distributors?

There is always a constant turn over at most places of work, so the biggest challenge is going in and making sure we are training on the machines that will make the distributor the most effective.

What do you think people would be most surprised to find out is part of your role as L&D coordinator?

That I’m a one-man band! In addition to training, I do the billing, buying, and marketing for our group. I’m booking hotels, I’m doing all the catering. It’s a big job.

What are your main goals for the upcoming year?

Our main goal is to increase the number of people we have in e-learning, and we always have a goal to train a certain number of people in general. Our first quarter of 2019 is completely booked of training.

What tools do you or your team use to hit your goals?

When I get into the office, I try to define what the most important things are to get done that day, and I prioritize those. There are a lot of things in my job that are deadlines. For example, I have to get these books done or ship the training materials to that hotel by a certain date, so I always try to get deadlines done first.

Lists are a great asset to my job. I have a lot of post-it notes. I also have a big calendar that sits on my wall, and that’s like the Bible for me. I look at that constantly because trainings change around. Planning is a big job.

How do you use Mimeo to meet your goals?

Before Mimeo, I printed and assembled the binders, made tabs and table of contents, all by hand. Mimeo has been a life-saver. So much easier. I build the binder once, save it to my library, and then all I have to do is make a few tweaks of new sections once it’s in the site. I usually order with a week of lead-time, but it’s good to know there’s next-day shipping as a back-up.

Advice for aspiring trainers?

Every company needs training, so it’s a great field to be in. Everyone has their own forte and what they like to do. Find your niche, dig in, and get it done. “If you can’t have fun, then you’re in the wrong job.”

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