How to Ensure Individualized Learning Plans Actually Work

Individualized Learning Plan Mimeo Webinar

Social media has changed more than how we communicate; it’s drastically altered the way we learn and interact with our coworkers.


In the age of instant gratification and narcissism, it’s vital that the individualized learning plans we create for our employees reflect the way they will interact with their training content.


Rebecca Callahan, the manager of Hogan Lab, taught us how to create individualized learning plans that work in our on-demand webinar A Ninja’s Guide to Personality Assessments.


Right off the bat, learners want content that enables autonomy. Gone are the days of rigid time-constrained learning plans. Learners today need constant access to the information and they want to be in control of how they digest it.


To do this, start early in your employee’s career path and give them the opportunity to create ownership over their own Individual Development Plan (IDP). Organizations do this in different ways, and one way to do so, Rebecca says, is to use personality and self-awareness, so the learner creates their learning objectives. Engagement comes from ownership, so it’s important to stress that.


Ownership of learning is also facilitated when trainers take the time to check in on their employees quarterly instead of yearly. It’s essential to build a strong foundation so employees have a clear idea of steps they should be taking to reach the goals you have set.


Individualized Learning Plan Mimeo WebinarReaching these goals isn’t enough motivation, however. Companies must also craft incentive systems which will promote sharing and increase performance assessments.

Some organizations use internal apps that allow employees to post badges on what training material they have completed. Individuals often feel motivated when they can share their accomplishments with their peers. Other organizations have more formal methods of acknowledging their employees’ progress.


No matter what method your organization uses, it’s important to utilize an employee’s personality to architect their own learning experience, as Rebecca says.


Individual Learning Styles Webinar[Webinar] A Ninja’s Guide to Personality Assessments

Learn more about individualizing learning plans with in-depth examples by listening to the on-demand version here!