How Individual Learning Styles Can Help You Engage Learners

Want to engage your learners? Learn about individual learning styles from Lou Russell, Director of Learning at Russell Martin & Associates

Published on 16 April, 2018

It used to be common to assert what kind of individual learning style you were, from a visual learner to a kinesthetic one. As we learn more and more about blended learning and how individuals best retain information, this practice is being debunked.

Still, as we learned with Lou Russell, the Director of Learning at Russell Martin & Associates, in our on-demand webinar How to Deliver Valuable Content and Avoid Shiny New Toy Syndrome, all learners have a preferred method of learning that isn’t concentrated into one individual learning “style.”

Instead of trying to reach someone by focusing on what type of material you’re presenting, you should Individual Learning Styles Taking Notes with Laptopfocus on interacting with your students. For example, use humor to reach students and don’t focus on whether or not you’re engaging your visual or auditory learners.

Learners don’t just prefer something to be visual or auditory, they learn best when these methods are combined to attract and hold their attention. As Lou said during the webinar, the more variety you have as a teacher, the better and more retained your information will be.

Have polls in your lessons to allow students to share their thoughts or group work where individuals upload their notes. These practices will stick in your students’ heads and challenge them far more than trying to appeal to an outdated “learning style” will.

Individual Learning Styles Webinar[Webinar] How to Deliver Valuable Content and Avoid Shiny New Toy Syndrome

Learn more about individual learning styles in our webinar, here!

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