The Great Mimeo Bake Off 2016

You’re in for a treat. Mimeo gives you the opportunity to follow the trials and tribulations of some amateur bakers whose goal is to be crowned Mimeo’s best. The prize? No money, no cookbook deal, not even a cake stand… Instead Mimeo is giving viewers and vying contestants on The Great Mimeo Bake Off 2016 a chance to donate to Sport Relief. In association with BBC Sport, Sport Relief teams together sports and entertainment to make a difference for people of need in the UK and in some of the world’s poorest communities.



While headquartered in New York City, we are a global company and celebrate our many offices, the UK being just one of them! What a better way to collaborate with our international offices, then parody the beloved, and wildly popular, The Great British Bake Off? Surely Jamie, Mike and Kim (Mimeo’s version of Mary and Paul) would agree that there’s no better way to show appreciation for our employees than with a home baked dessert!




For more information on Sport Relief, its funding and activities, please visit Sport Relief’s website at

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