Cybersecurity for Writers: Top 6 Content Protection Plugins

Improving a website’s cybersecurity is easier than you think. Check out these 6 helpful plugins that make protecting your content effortless!

Published on 21 June, 2018 | Last modified on 11 May, 2022

Did you know that all that you write on your blog can be stolen? Well, yes and it’s quite unfortunate that there’s a specific group of people that always take a content publisher’s or blogger’s content. They use the information as their work, giving no attribution to you as the original writer!

However, it’s important to mention that we are not talking about syndication. Here, writers include backlinks leading to the actual story to remove cases of theft suspicion. Instead, what deserves the most attention is blatant theft of your blog’s content by scraping all RSS feeds for brand new articles.

Such individuals will then publish your piece on their websites without including any attribution. They’ll even spin it using ‘article spinning websites’ so that it appears like something completely incoherent. Do you want to create a safe website to prevent such content theft? If so, we’ve put together these six amazing plugins just for you. Take a look!

One of the questions that you might be asking yourself is how WordPress SEO can help. It plays a crucial role in keeping your blog posts safe. A significant issue when it comes to theft of content is that there are some auto-blogging plugins reposting posts without attribution.

However, keep in mind that these plugins are all ‘auto,’ meaning that no person is controlling them. It’s quite unfortunate such type of behavior won’t help because of the recent updates from Google. Despite this, it’s a practice that still happens.

With this plugin, you have an RSS menu where you can insert your content directly below and above all articles on your RSS feed. The report can be any topic of your choice, and it also has a specific code that allows you to include an attribution backlink. So, when you finally publish your blog post, it will have a link which shows readers and search engines the original writer.

By now, you may be using some bots on your RSS feed, scraping it for blog content. If you’re someone running a considerable material rich site, you’re probably using more than just a few. If your content is not indexed in the shortest time, you don’t have any problem. However, if your website’s content takes too long to index, then you could be facing a severe issue.

Here’s what usually happens. After you publish your post, another blogger can scrape your RSS feed, auto blog your article with no attribution backlink, and succeed in getting the piece indexed before yours. In such a terrible case, search engines will view your blog post as a duplicate, and your post will never rank higher than that of the thief.

Fortunately, you now have Feed Delay which assists in delaying posts from being included in your feed for a certain amount of time. In doing so, you guarantee that only your article will be the first to be indexed. Although it’s now two years since the plugin was last updated, it still runs on different sites without any challenges.

Here is another fantastic plugin which you should also try out. Although it lacks specific features, we’ve discovered that it works well if you use it together with Copyright Notice or Feed Delay. Such features include:

  • Disabling the right click mouse function
  • Disabling the option to drag and drop images
  • Removing different keyboard commands

While pressing right click to copy snippets of specific blog content is not a huge issue, failure to disable the drag and drop option can be quite catastrophic. It’s too easy for another writer to drag and drop some of your images to their editor and later use it in their post without any ill intention.

The challenge is when such images are dragged and dropped in the visual editor, not all of them get uploaded to the writer’s website. Eventually, it becomes stealing bandwidth causing problems even for you, as the original owner of the image.

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Cybersecurity for Writers

While there are many plugins which don’t accurately stop content theft, here is one that’s specifically designed for that purpose. It will provide you with a time-stamped and digitally-signed content copyright certificate which should be put below every article on your site. This helps you prove that you’re the actual owner of the content.

It also has various customizable options proving that it’s a highly functional plugin. Therefore, you can quickly color the copyright notice to fit perfectly with other parts of your website.

This is not like a ‘normal’ plugin that prevents content theft. In any case, it’s a simple to use, website membership solution. It quickly brings together your shop, content, and memberships. You can even customize the plugin to give you a chance of selling to individual groups. Furthermore, you can create a module that gifts friends, co-workers and family members.

You can also establish extensive ‘drip’ modules that allow you to schedule access to premium content for specific members. This module offers loads of creative opportunities, especially when it comes to product add-ons and releases.

You may even decide to create the plugin in a way that offers exclusive or premium products to your members only. This allows you to have a somewhat unique club from your online enterprise.

Here is a free blog content protection plugin that’s simple to operate and also keeps your articles private. With Simple Membership, you have a lightweight plugin that works with all your favorite WordPress themes. Some of its cool features include:

  • Protecting all media content
  • It ‘teases’ your visitors using content snippets to compel to become full members
  • It protects all comments written in secure blog posts
  • A wholly fledged platform for all members giving you complete access to the number of members on your website and how they adopt your content.

Be cautious as there are a good number of lazy people who like stealing content for their gains. By using any of these plugins, you’ll effectively prevent such content theft. In the world of online business, these are some of the most effective tools. However, don’t use them too much because they may affect your website’s usability. All in all, we know that they’ll go a long way in helping you handle all problems of theft in your site.

So, has content been stolen from your blog recently or which plugin are you using to prevent such malicious behaviors? Talk to us today, and let’s continue this conversation!

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