5 Collaboration Tools for Graphic Design and Marketing Teams

Graphic design and marketing are two faces of the same coin. Both teams need to have great communication and a collaboration tool is often necessary!

Published on 7 November, 2018 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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Graphic design and marketing are two faces of the same coin: they often share a budget, collaborate on projects together, and bounce ideas off one another. Therefore, both teams need to have great communication. This can be easy if they sit near each other but, if not, a collaboration tool is often necessary!

There are many tools out there, and here are five examples to start your search:

1. Stormboard

Brainstorming, taking notes, and idea prioritizing are made easier through this collaboration tool. Users work together and share ideas and projects through sticky notes on shared whiteboards. You can also take meeting notes, which are useful for referring back to previous ideas or comments on current work!

Collaboration Tool Brainstorming

2. Notism

For remote teams, it can be difficult to share and keep track of projects. Notism enables team members to comment within the uploaded work. This also keeps all feedback and comments right in one place. That makes it easy to refer to!

Collaboration Tool Remote Team

3. Canto Flight

Quite often, both graphic design and marketing teams will have many different projects going on at once. It’s difficult enough to keep track of your own projects, and this collaboration tool acts as a centralized hub to house all of your company’s digital assets. Users can also tag, search, and collaborate on elements. This makes it easy to find assets and work across teams.

Collaboration Tool Working Together on Projects

4. Trello

For organizations with overlapping responsibilities, Trello helps keep track of what projects you’re involved in. This makes it great for graphic design and marketing teams! Users are able to create different boards for different projects and create digital cards to track the steps within those projects. This ensures that everything is kept track of in one central “card” app.

Collaboration Tool Teamwork Tech

5. Mimeo

Translating your design into print is often fraught with expectations and small details that have to be done right. Mimeo makes it easy for design and marketing teams to both sign off on a print preview before placing the order. By sharing your print real-time proof with team members, your design team can approve the colors and finish while the marketing team can approve the budget.

Communication throughout an organization is important for not only brand cohesion but also inter-team harmony. This is especially important for graphic design and marketing, who create customer-facing content. Using a collaboration tool like the ones above are a great way to bring your teams together!

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