The Importance of Collaboration for Digital Learners

Collaboration is a key tool in any training program — but it can be hard to foster in remote environments. Here’s why you should make an effort to engage digital learners.

Published on 1 August, 2022 | Last modified on 6 March, 2023
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When conducting online or hybrid training, make sure you include activities that encourage collaboration for digital learners. 

While you may not have the ease of in-person group tasks, there are still many ways to engage digital learners and facilitate communication among their peers. There are many benefits that not only your learners will soak up, but so will the company you’re training with. 

Higher Productivity For a Digital Learner

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Digital learning can take many forms, including video sessions, online worksheets, digital documents, and more. Having variety can help keep people engaged in the content, but including sessions dedicated to collaboration for digital learners, or including collaboration features, can increase productivity within the training and outside of it as well. 

How? Working with others improves one’s social-emotional learning skills and — as seen in the educational environment — improves decision-making skills, empathy, goal-setting, and more. Additionally, collaboration can cultivate development of higher-level thinking, communication, self-management, and leadership skills. 

Overall, these skills help learners to work as a team, manage their time, and prioritize projects, leading to higher productivity for the individual. A more productive workforce can help improve the company’s bottom line. A win-win!

Better Retention of Knowledge

Scanning a PDF can help you memorize facts, but having a conversation about the information being presented can help you retain it better. 

If you’re not able to encourage a face-to-face conversation in a conference room, there are ways to spark a discussion digitally. You could open up the Zoom call to questions, but new tools are available that don’t put people on the spot, while still allowing for free-flowing conversation and collaboration for digital learners. 

Exposure to Diverse Perspectives 

Even in corporate training, the information isn’t always black and white. By nurturing a collaborative environment, even trainers could have their eyes opened to a diverse range of perspectives among their learners. 

How to Encourage Collaboration for Digital Learners in a Remote Environment

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Cornell University suggests a couple of ways to engage learners in a collaborate experience, even if you’re hosting a training session in a remote environment: 

  1. Set the learners up for success by introducing collaboration expectations from the beginning of your sessions. 
  2. Use digital content distribution services that puts collaboration front and center.

When using digital content distribution platform Mimeo to conduct remote training sessions, there are tools created specifically to foster collaboration for digita learners and help them to retain knowledge better. For example, learners can write group notes and comment or read other comments made on your shared training content. 

Frequently Asking Questions 

What is digital learning?

Digital learning is an educational experience that is conducted entirely online. From grade schools to universities to corporate training, digital learning is an important part of dispersing important information to digital learners without having to be face-to-face.

What is a digital learning environment?

A digital learning environment ranges from something as simple as receiving information via email to a digital content distribution strategy where trainers keep content organized and distributed on digital platforms, like the Mimeo Digital platform.

What is a digital learning platform?

A digital learning platform is a way for trainers and educators to stay organized while actively distributing digital content to digital learners. When they use a digital content distribution software like Mimeo, they have access to a control system for digital content distribution. 

What is an advantage of digital learning?

Digital learning has a number of advantages. First, you can reach more people with your content without the overhead costs of in-person training. Second, you can control who has access to your content, when, for how long, and what they are able to do with it. The Mimeo Digital app is one digital content management platform that allows trainers full control over their content and gives (or takes away) access to students, even when they’re offline. 

What is a digital tool for learning?

For trainers and educators looking for a digital tool for learning, we recommend Mimeo Digital. It’s a digital content distribution platform and digital rights management system for people who are looking to conduct remote or hybrid learning sessions. Mimeo Digital includes tools to help with collaboration, productivity, and accessibility. 

Click here to learn more about how Mimeo Digital can improve collaboration among your digital learners. 

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