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Training Managers to Avoid 5 Common Hazards in Restaurants

Your restaurant atmosphere can greatly impact the guest experience. Here are 5 hazards of a busy restaurant and how to avoid them from reoccurring.

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How Retailers Can Improve Their Loss Prevention Strategy

Often, it costs very little to make a big difference to your bottom line in retail.

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Staff Training and Other Tips for Retail Loss Prevention

Retail employees are on the front lines of loss prevention. Learn how retail loss prevention training strategies will preserve your profit margins.

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Why Group Interviews Are Best for Retail Sales Jobs

Group interviews provide an easy way to assess retail job candidates. Use these tips when preparing to interview retail sales candidates.

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What the See Now, Buy Now Trend Means for Retail Sales

Today’s retail customer has been trained to expect instant gratification. Learn how to prepare for the “see now, buy now” trend.

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7 Visual Merchandising Tips for Your Retail Space

Do you want to make the most out of your retail space? Read our list of 7 visual merchandising tips.

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6 Tips for Training Non-Customer Service Professionals

Customer service should be a priority for all employees. Add these 6 skills to your front of house training for a more customer-service-oriented team.

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5 Skills Your Customer Service Team Needs to Develop

Happy customers are a direct product of great customer service. See what skills are needed for an exceptional customer service experience. 

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7 Steps to Blend Training for Front of House Staff

Here are 7 steps to develop a blended training program for front of house staff. These steps can retain employees while improving customer service.

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Why Retail Sales Training Is Unique

Retail sales training is very different than any other form of selling. Here’s how you can train your retail sales team for the better.

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Gen Y Hotels Changing Hospitality and Why Training Matters

Millennials want more than just a room to stay in. This post lists how 3 millennial hotels are keeping their younger guests.

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Why to Add Body Language Training for Front of House Teams

Here are three reasons why front of house restaurant, retail, and hospitality staff need body language training to best represent your brand.

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7 Great Learning Ideas for CHART

As Mimeo prepares to attend the CHART summer conference in Charleston, we share 7 recent learning ideas from our blog, ebooks, and webinars.

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6 Tips in Teaching Suggestive Selling to Your Retail Team

Suggestive selling can increase retail profits and delight your customers. Here are 6 ways you can train your retail team to use suggestive selling.

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All In: Gaining Buy-In and Adoption of Training Programs

Donna Herbel, the Lead Director of Training and Development at Perkins and Marie Callender’s, shares the 2 questions you need to ask in order to get buy-in for your new training programs.

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