How Companies Break Through Digital Noise With Brochures

Brochure Print Marketing Breaks Through the Digital Noise

Brochures are one of the oldest methods of distributing information and this longevity speaks to the effectiveness of these documents. These paper products can serve a variety of purposes for businesses, from marketing materials to sales assets and beyond.

Let’s take a look at their widespread appeal and why companies are using them to break through the noise of digital channels.

Breaking Through Digital Noise

There’s nothing more satisfying than hitting “select all” and then “delete” in your inbox. Although you may deselect a few emails flagged as important, this has become a common practice. People are bombarded with hundreds of messages on a daily basis in both their work and personal email accounts. The effectiveness of email marketing is undisputable, however, when companies are sending out cold messaging, there is a likelihood of it getting lost in the digital mix.

As a result, companies have begun to lean towards print mediums, including direct mail as well as printed materials at trade shows and events to supplement their digital campaigns. By taking a blended approach to communicate with existing customers and targeting new prospects, these businesses create situations that add more value in their messaging, break through the digital noise, and appear in places beyond the email inbox.

The Marketing Advantage

Brochures essentially function as a spotlight for your company. Whether they are handed out at trade shows as supplemental information or are placed carefully in your lobby as a piece of last-minute marketing for incoming clients, brochures provide a handful of panels dedicated solely to your company’s collateral.

The Houston Chronicle noted that brochures are one of the most versatile marketing tools available to organizations. They can stand alone as informational guidance, take on creative designs, or supplement a larger marketing campaign. Whatever the case, Kokemuller asserted their value, based on the massive space dedicated to showcasing your company’s best assets.

This is a considerable strength when it comes to marketing. In a saturated market, these print products provide your business with some stand-out content. According to Malcolm Walsall, contributor to B2B Marketing, other ad spaces are often cluttered with competing ads. Brochures are a distraction-free space for your customers to thoughtfully familiarize themselves with your business.

Brochure Print Marketing Spotlight Your Company

Bringing Brochures to the Boardroom

Beyond marketing, brochures can be a major asset when it comes to serving as presentation aids. A well-designed brochure can be the perfect visual sidekick to a long presentation. From the start, handing out a sleek brochure can instill a sense of credibility to your presentation – especially when it’s a first-time meeting.

A professionally prepared brochure says you have come ready to pitch. Not to mention, you can use this document to introduce your team and provide a refresher on your offerings before you dive into the presentation itself.

As with any print document, brochures have a lasting power, unlike other assets. Of course, a well-designed video can catch a client’s eye and a stellar digital presentation will be sure to leave an impression, but what are your clients or audience members actually leaving with? Brochures reinforce the points you have already made in your presentation and leave clients with something to mull over after the presentation has ended. They may even pass your brochures along to others who require the same services – some added outreach at a low cost.

flippingLow-Cost and High-Impact

Brochures are an affordable way to target low cost outreach efforts. Mimeo offers high-quality products at extremely competitive prices. With a variety of paper stocks, a range of finishing sizes and gloss coating options, Mimeo can produce a professional product that will wow your potential and existing clients alike.

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