25 Tips from Mimeo for Better Work-Life Balance

Learn 25 quick tips that will help you find the perfect balance between your work and other aspects of life.

Published on 11 August, 2017 | Last modified on 5 March, 2023
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By Chris Richardson, journalist, editor, and blogger.

When we’re too focused on the job, that attitude inevitably leads to a burnout. On the other hand, when we only care about our personal lives, we can’t reach career success.

Under all those piles of papers on your desk, where you do you find the balance? Here are 25 tips that will help get you there.

1. Give Yourself an Extra Hour in the Morning

The habit of waking up early often seems counterproductive, since you think you’re left with less sleep. But that’s not the case. When you start waking up earlier, you’ll also start going to bed earlier. Your body will find its rhythm and feel more productive during the day.

2. Use That Extra Hour Well

Wake up an hour early and do something good for yourself, even if it’s just about getting some quiet time.

3. Aim for Good Enough

Perfectionists don’t have it easy. If you do something well enough, it’s good enough.

4. Develop a Good Habit

Is there something you used to love doing, but the job doesn’t leave you with enough time for it? Figure out what you’d love to do and incorporate that habit into your day. It will keep you sane.

5. Use Chrome Extensions for Productivity

The online world is full of distractions that prevent you from being productive. These Chrome extensions will help:

  • Strict Workflow – It blocks distracting websites during working sessions.
  • StayFocusd – You set a list of distracting websites and limit the time you can spend on them.  

6. Work within the Limits of Reason

There’s a reason why every job has its work hours. Anything beyond that limit is too much. Productivity means doing more within the time you have.

7. Make After-Work Plans

A drink with your friends or an exercise class at a precise hour will give you a reason to take a break from work and relax.

8. Delegate!

Sometimes there’s not enough time to complete each task before their deadlines. In such case, it’s important to delegate or outsource some of your tasks in order to get the jobs done.

If you have an important report to write, you can hire professional writers from EssayGeeks.co.uk. That will give you enough time to cover the remaining tasks.

9. Organize & Prioritize

Whether its Post-It notes or platforms like Trello, putting some order and organization to your daily tasks can help you save time – preventing some of those late nights at the office.

10. Reduce Time-Wasting Activities

Do you feel like your colleagues are draining out your energy during each coffee break? Well, maybe the next time you need a break, have that cup of coffee at the office instead of running to a local copy shop. If conversations unrelated to work are taking up too much of your morning, try to save some of them for Happy Hour instead.

11. Enjoy Your Weekends

Think of something nice to do, every single weekend. Those days will give you the strength to go through the working week.

12. Go on Nice Vacations

Reward yourself and your family for a job well done by taking a vacation to relax and explore the world!

13. Use Your Calendar

Google Calendar should become your ultimate productivity tool. When you plan your schedule well, you see there’s time for everything.

14. Relax!

During your break, leave the office for a short walk. You can even meditate in the bathroom (or another private space). A little relaxation goes a long way.

Tips to balance work and life15. Start Covering Tasks Early

If you get a project with a deadline that seems too far, start working on it today! Time management is key- you don’t want to get hectic before the deadline.

16. Unplug!

Limit your screen time at home. Your eyes and mind need to rest.

17. Have a Social Life

Seriously. You need it!

18. Get Help with Household Tasks

You have to work and maintain a home? That leaves you with less free time than you need. If your budget can cover it, hire a service to clean your home.

19. Make Errands Easier

Do you waste time paying bills? You can do that online. Do you spend too much time in the grocery store? Shop for groceries online and have them delivered.

20. Eat Nice Food

Eating meals are important parts of the day. Enjoy them!

21. Don’t Bring Work Home

Leave your work at the office. Your home-time should be reserved for other things.

22. Learn How to Say No

Your boss has additional tasks even when your schedule is already loaded? Just say no. It’s as simple as that.

23. Organize Your Inbox

Unroll.Me and FollowUpThen are great tools that make your inbox more productive.

24. Don’t Multitask!

You’ll be more focused when you do one thing at a time.

25. Keep Trying New Things

You feel like your life is tapping in place with days that look too similar to one another? Visit a different city each weekend. Cook foreign food. Go paragliding. Keep exploring your adventurous side!

Achieving work-life balance in a work-oriented world is not easy. You’ll have to invest some effort in that goal. However, it’s something definitely worth trying to do!         

About Chris:  He loves to write, learn new things, and meet new outgoing people. Chris is also fond of traveling, sports, and playing the guitar. Follow him on Facebook and Google+.                          

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