5 Ways Your Business Benefits from Overnight Print Delivery

Overnight print document delivery is crucial for small businesses. Here’s why – and how to set yourself up with an overnight printer.

Published on 17 May, 2022 | Last modified on 3 March, 2023
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When it comes to running a small business, staying adaptable in the midst of changing projects and environments is a key competitive advantage. If you can’t respond to customer requests or pivot according to market changes, your business is going to struggle to stay relevant. That’s why it is important to find partners and processes that keep you nimble.

For print projects, finding a partner that can handle overnight print delivery, or even guarantee overnight delivery can mean the difference between saying “yes” to new opportunities and turning them down. 

With that in mind, here are five ways finding overnight printing benefits your business:

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5 benefits of overnight print delivery:

Respond real-time to changing environments

Any business – small or large, service or goods-based, or even profit or not-for-profit – must be able to respond to changing environments. In the current climate of rapid changes in supply chains, health safety conditions, and more, it is more likely you will be faced with changes to your business capacity than not. 

Overnight print helps you respond quickly to mitigate the impact of those changes on your business. Here are a few ways overnight delivery can help your real-time response:

  • Post updated health and safety signs for your customers and employees
  • Update signs with changing business hours
  • Print daily or weekly menus based on which ingredients are available to your restaurant 
  • Capitalize on viral trends with clever marketing materials that tie into memes or popular videos

Extend your deadline for projects

For many businesses, hard copy collateral is a key part of specific business projects. Overnight printing services allow you to spend more time focusing on the content. For example, instead of submitting your print files three weeks before the deadline, next-day printers take your files with a late-night cutoff deadline and print and deliver the following day.

Extending your project deadline is worth it when it means you have more time to perfect the content being printed. It comes in handy for:

  • Business proposals: put your hard copy RFP response in over night mail so that it delivers on time 
  • Events you’re hosting: overnight posters, brochures, or agendas with updated speakers or sponsors
  • Events you’re attending: overnight prints of business cards, brochures, or other handouts when you run out on day one

Make sure content is up-to-date

Since traditional print technology forces you to plan out your documents weeks or months ahead, too often businesses order at a high volume and share outdated content until they whittle down their catalog of documents. 

Overnight printing services flip that project management style, so that you start ordering a low quantity of the right documents at any given time. This is especially important when delivering:

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Scale without compromising your customers’ experience

For some businesses, print is an important part of the services offered. That includes postcards included in your product boxes, owner manuals for manufactured products, and workbooks or licensed materials for custom training.

One night shipping is crucial to making sure that as you scale your business, you don’t sacrifice any part of the customer experience. Rather than skipping the postcard in your subscription box when you oversell the product, order overnight prints to deliver the same box to every customer. That way, you keep growing your business while always delivering on your promise. 

Come through for your customers

Sometimes, you need to overnight documents because your customer requests it, not because of growth plans of your own. In that case, it is even more important to be able to say “yes.” Overnight print services come in handy when you have last-minute requests for:

  • Additional attendees to training seminars
  • Owner manuals for last-minute orders
  • More audience members for custom events
  • Add-ons for consulting engagements

Overnight print and document delivery is crucial for staying nimble and adaptable as a business. That’s why at Mimeo, we negotiated the latest FedEx pickup in North America. While for most locations, the cutoff time for overnight FedEx delivery ranges from late afternoon to early evening, our last FedEx pickup is the last of the day. That way, we guarantee next-morning delivery as long as you order by 10 pm ET, giving us time to print the documents and get them in the latest shipment. 

Sign up to your free account with Mimeo, so that you’re ready the next time you need overnight print and delivery!

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