AI-Enabled ERP: 3 Benefits for Supply Chain Management

ERP systems become more than a reaction to users’ requests when AI and machine learning are introduced. Learn 3 ways AI helps supply chain management.

Published on 12 February, 2018 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
Enterprise resource planning

An ERP system becomes more than a simple reaction to users’ requests for information when AI and machine learning are introduced. Organizations can experience substantial increases in productivity levels as a result from pairing AI with ERPs. When these work well hand in hand, both internal stakeholders as well as end customers can reap the benefits.

Machine Learning Optimizes Use of the Internet of Things

As ERP evolves to better meet the needs of users, it must also fulfill the expectation of continuous ease of use. Automating large-scale processes and increasing the effectiveness of every aspect of the business is the ultimate goal of I-ERP.

Fewer than one in five industrial companies use IoT information in their ERP software. As this number increases, all systems become more effective, faster and less prone to error. With machine learning, advanced analytics allow the system to use specific data sets to manage nearly all aspects of the business. Immediate gratification comes from how quickly the Internet of Things becomes a network of self-generating data.

I-ERP Facilitates Automated Real-Time Solutions

Not only can AI-enabled ERP make quick work of mountains of information, but it can also create an environment where a company’s data is conversational and actionable.
Evidence-based decision making is well within the realm of AI. This important technology increases human ability to solve problems by offering solutions in real time.

AI Makes Big Data in the Cloud Accessible to ERP

The ongoing challenge of retrieving information on demand from complex data sets ends when companies use AI to curate, analyze, search, and share big data stored in the cloud.

Maintaining traditional data processing software robust enough to handle big data on site is becoming increasingly obsolete. Likewise, requiring employees to dedicate the majority of their bandwidth to capturing, transferring and managing the information is falling into obsolescence.

AI steps in to not only take over these mundane yet necessary information management tasks, but also performs these actions with fewer errors and in less time than any employee.

Keeping a valuable digital content library safe in the cloud, managed and updated by AI, frees up company resources and employees’ time for more complicated tasks that require a human touch.

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