98 Learning People and Organizations You Should Know About

As part of our annual State of Learning and Development report (produced in conjunction with InSync Training), we asked our 449 respondents what blogs, industries, events, and people they follow to stay up-to-date on learning trends.

The result is this comprehensive list of 98 people and organizations. Click through on each name to go directly to the website.

Click on the picture to view the full infographic.

You can also get started consuming some of these thought leaders’ content from our webinar library, where we feature 1-hour free sessions with JD Dillon, Lou Russell, Jennifer Hofmann from InSync Training, and more. Plus, subscribe to our blog for guest posts from people like Connie Malamed!

Finally, InSync Training currently offers free entry into their learning community, the InSync Training Hub, where you can take advantage of monthly learning campaigns and personal learning pathways to ensure you don’t let personal learning development fall to the wayside.

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