7 Workplace Monsters and How Mimeo Print Keeps them at Bay

In honor of Halloween, Mimeo looked at some very special “monsters” you will typically encounter in your workplace.

Published on 20 October, 2017

When interacting with your co-workers, there will always be those few people that display the worst when it comes to bad practices and personalities. In honor of Halloween, we’re looking at these very special monsters of the workplace.

7 Workplace Monsters1. Jekyll & Hyde:

The story goes that the friendly Doctor Jekyll accidentally created his own mysterious and violent alter ego called Hyde. This type of monster in the workplace tends to act friendly around certain people, but shows a whole different personality in front of others. This type of person is rarely predictable, and can’t be trusted.

2. Frankenstein’s Monster:

Scientist Victor Frankenstein hoped to contribute to the scientific world by bringing life to non-living objects. Instead, he created a monster that wreaked havoc on his world and the people around him. Frankensteins in the workplace act similarly in that they want to contribute, but always end up creating more issues and conflict than resolution.

3. Ghosts:

Ghosting takes on a new definition in the office setting- these “ghosts” will randomly disappear throughout the day, nowhere to be found. Meetings can even be significantly delayed while waiting for them to show up. Where did they go? What happened to them? No one ever seems to know the answer. Spooky right?

4. Zombie:

Zombies are the living dead. In other words, these are the type of people that appear at work alive and well, but mentally are snoozing. They may show up to meetings or receive emails but will rarely contribute or engage in conversation.

5. Vampire:

We all know those people that feed off of other people’s blood– I mean ideas. Vampires in the workplace are known for taking other people’s original or creative ideas and claiming them as their own. Be careful with these ones, as they may present it to others and even show it off.

6. Loch Ness Monster:

Is the Loch Ness Monster really out there? Sometimes we ask the same question about certain remote workers as well. This type of monster likes to use “working remotely” as an excuse for never being easily found or contacted by others. Do they even exist out there?

7. Witch:

The witch of the office may be charming at first, but will ultimately destroy your productivity. They’ll be your friend, stop by your desk, chat with you, but then you’ll find yourself caught in a spell. Next thing you know, you aren’t getting any work done, and your precious time is wasted on one person.


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