7 Great Learning Ideas for CHART

As Mimeo prepares to attend the CHART summer conference in Charleston, we share 7 recent learning ideas from our blog, ebooks, and webinars.

Published on 12 July, 2016 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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This summer, the theme to the CHART summer conference in Charleston is “Your Next Great Idea Starts Here.” Considering how many fantastic ideas fly around the conference rooms over the course of each CHART conference, this is more than apt. We’ve loved receiving our monthly Flipcharts and reading the new learning ideas CHART members have shared (such as Chop’t creating social media accounts for their training department!).

Since we work with a wide variety of restaurants and hotels to distribute training materials, we try to share what we’ve learned from our customers in our blog, webinars and ebooks.

So, in the spirit of sharing great ideas, here are some of the training tips and best practices we’ve posted over the last couple of months:

What are you most looking forward to learning at CHART?

Hyatt’s “One Stop Shop”

Learn how Hyatt uses Mimeo to get hotel managers the materials they need. Here’s a spoiler: they were able to shorten content delivery to 48 hours!

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