6 Organization Apps To Save You Time at Work

It’s easy for a work day to become frustrating and chaotic. Use these organization apps to stay on course, save time, and avoid pulling out your hair.

Published on 29 August, 2016 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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There’s a common misconception that staying organized simply means having a clean desk. Good organization can mean a variety of things, including proper time management, prioritization, and yes (to some extent) avoiding digital and physical clutter.

We compiled our favorite organization apps to make your life much easier.


1. IFTTT (If This Then That) Organization Apps like IFTTT Make Daily Tasks Easy

Imagine taking any of your daily tasks and creating a recipe with them. Not literally, figuratively. IFTTT does just that. Here’s an example of an IFTTT recipe: IF it is going to rain tomorrow in zip code: 10009, THEN send me an email about remembering an umbrella.

IFTTT allows you to create recipes with hundreds of popular apps, ranging from your social media accounts (Tweet every time I update my Facebook status) to news, time management, music, location, and more. IFTTT eliminates manual steps in your daily digital routine and prevents ever forgetting to do something.

2. Sortd  Organization Apps like Sortd Clear Up Your Inbox

Your inbox isn’t a running to-do list. Sortd takes away the frustration of losing important emails buried in your inbox. Make lists for whatever your needs–from simple to checklists to follow up replies to promo offers.

Sortd integrates directly into your Gmail. Simply open an email and sort it into the list in which it belongs. You can even take organization a step further by adding unique labels, priority levels, and status updates to the emails that make up your Sortd lists. You’ll never have to search for an email again.

3. Google Keep Organization Apps like Google Keep Organize Your Notes

Perhaps one of the most simplistic and useful organizational app, Google Keep puts all of your notes, photos and voice memos all in one place. Users can easily search, filter, and categorize their reminders, making it extremely easy to access notes and ideas.

Your notes will automatically transfer to any device connected to Google, allowing you seamlessly switch your to-do lists from desktop to mobile. The user experience is like a more organized version of carrying around all of your Post-It notes, wherever you go.

4. Flipboard  Organization Apps like Flipboard Put Your News in One Spot

Flipboard pulls articles from leading media outlets like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, compiling all your preferred news sources into one centralized content stream. Beyond the news, Flipboard’s Explore feature compiles content based on interests, such as cooking, art, and even city guides for travelers.

The app gives you a Facebook feed-like experience for news, without pictures of people you don’t care about from high school in between them.

5. Pocket  Organization Apps like Pocket Saves Relevant Content

Trending gossip articles,  Tasty food tutorials, newly released movie trailers, they’re all tempting to click while at work. But one video or post can quickly turn into two… and in no time soon you can find yourself down the rabbit hole. That’s where Pocket saves all the stuff you want to consume.

When you see something that you want to watch or read but can’t at the moment, put it in Pocket for later. Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse, Zite, and your internet browsers directly integrate with Pocket. You can view all of the content when you’re ready, rather than search for it later or go incognito on the job.

6. Mimeo  Organization Apps like Mimeo Help You to Control Your Print and Digital Content

Mimeo was created to give people back time. Users can upload content to their digital library and organize files by folders. Want a hardcopy printed? Build, proof, and ship in a few minutes. Content can even be shared with varying levels of permissions to other Mimeo users.

flipping (6)Users can place a print order for delivery to hundreds of locations with a single click. Instead of hundreds of emails, easily view and map the status of each shipment. What would have once been a massive undertaking is now organized in one screen.

Click around a free account and start organizing your content, regardless if it’s a single poster or 1,000 different corporate brochures varying by geographic region or brand.  No minimums, real-time pricing.

By staying organized (and self-aware), we have crossed mentioning Mimeo off our to-do list. Now cross a content-related project off of yours.

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Mimeo Marketing Team

Mimeo is a global online print provider with a mission to give customers back their time. By combining front and back-end technology with a lean production model, Mimeo is the only company in the industry to guarantee your late-night print order will be produced, shipped, and delivered by 8 am the next morning. For more information, visit mimeo.com and see how Mimeo’s solutions can help you save time today.

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