The 5 Greatest Insights from #MimeoWebinars This Year

Catch up on the Mimeo Learning and Development Webinar series with these 5 insights. Read now, or watch the webinars yourself on-demand!

Published on 30 November, 2016 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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It’s that time of year again: round-up season when you get lists of the best of everything.

This year, we started our L&D Webinar Series, partnering with thought leaders across the industry to bring best practices and trends to our community of learning professionals.

In the spirit of the season, here’s a list of the 5 greatest insights (and links to watch the webinars yourself!)

1. People are the most consequential factors in the corporate environment.

People are the most consequential factors

Rebecca Callahan from Hogan Assessments broke down the reason why we need to invest in tools for L&D: an organization cannot exist without its people. Check out A Ninja’s Guide to Personality Assessments for more from Rebecca on how to leverage personality assessments for your L&D program.

2. Learning actually takes place in the brain. Media just helps.


Jonathan Halls broke down the difference between digital and “traditional” training content. Check out this webinar on how to use digital content to add more personalization to your L&D program.

3. Prepare for blended learning by redesigning and reskilling.

jennifer-hofmann-quoteJennifer Hofmann, CEO of InSync Training, shared how to prepare for a world of blended learning by giving your training team new skills and your training courses a refresher. Tune into the State of Corporate Learning for more.

4. When something goes wrong, only apologize once.


Cynthia Clay has given thousands of webinars and has never had to cancel due to technology. Hear her many other tips here.

5. Blend data with stories to make your training measurement worth it.

blend-data-with-storiesRichardson’s VP of Client Analytics, Eileen Krantz, shared how Fortune 500 companies measure the success of their training programs and recommended storytelling to give the data more impact. Check out Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Training here.

 Bonus: How to translate Negosaurus into your virtual learning


Lou Russell kicked off our L&D Webinar series with a great discussion of what makes engaging virtual content (hint: it’s not the technology). Watch it now.

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