3 Ways On Demand Print Makes Your Job Easy

Learn how on-demand print can help you print right amount of content, for the right price, and with the option of ordering more when you need it.

Published on 12 April, 2022 | Last modified on 31 March, 2023
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3 Ways On Demand Print Makes Your Job Easy

It’s time for you to prepare for the big conference, regional meeting, or training. It’s been a while since you’ve attended an in-person event, and you’re ready to get back at it. You have your booth agenda prepared, tickets ordered, and travel plans all set. Now it’s time to work on your print collateral. 

You want to produce new flyers, booklets, or promotional items but can’t ignore the boxes of unused print collateral from past years’ events. You feel guilty for wasting your precious budget on printing dozens of prints that were never used, yet know that regular printers always upcharge for printing smaller quantities. Not to mention the environmental waste. While eyeing the boxes in the corner, you’re tempted to just use old collateral but know that that’s not an effective strategy. 

How can you best prepare for your event with the right amount of print content, for the right price, and with the option of ordering more once you’re at the event? 

Meet your new secret weapon: On Demand printing.

What Is On Demand Printing?

On demand printing allows you to print what you need, when you need it, without worrying about managing inventory, storage space, or wasted paper. 

How does it work? 

If you need new booklets for your conference, you reach out to your on demand printer and ask them to print you the exact number of copies you need for the event. One of the advantages of on demand printing is that you get the amount you need on hand, without committing to a minimum order that is too large for you. Plus, if you find that you’re at the conference and you need more copies of your booklet, your on demand printer will print and send those copies to you.   

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How Does On Demand Printing Make Your Job Easier?

There are many advantages to choosing print-on-demand services for your events. Here is a shortlist of what print on demand can do for you. 

1. Fast Turnaround and More Time for You

Choosing to print with an on demand printing service is just quick. Yup, that simple. How does it do it? 

  • Unlike traditional printing, print-on-demand technology requires no printer setup. That means you don’t need to place your order days or weeks in advance just to reserve your space with the printer. 
  •  You can build and order documents from wherever you are, without picking up the phone to talk to anyone. 
  • You get your print collateral delivered to where you are at, without having to schlep to a printer.  
  • You can make changes last minute, with some printers allowing you to make updates as late as the day before an event. Mimeo’s on demand print is among the fastest in the nation with overnight delivery so you can place the order on your event deadlines, not on the printer’s timeline.

But it’s not just fast. Print on demand gives you the peace of mind to know the print job is done professionally, and more importantly, doesn’t waste your most precious resources: your time and your talents. When you hand off your printing project to a professional printing service, you’re making more time for yourself to shine at what you’re good at.   

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2. Go Green and Save Money

Nothing is worse than having dozens and dozens of prints of outdated booklets or brochures crowding your office. Your printed collateral can lose its relevance quickly, especially if you print for specific events. If you too feel bad about the amount of paper that collects in your office, just to be eventually tossed away, on demand printing is the solution for you. On demand printing gives you the power to print what you need when you need it, so there is never any waste of paper and money.  How? On demand print technology requires no setup. Traditionally, off-set printing requires the print machine to be set up with typeface per order, so they require minimums to make it worth their time. 

On demand printing uses digital printers, which don’t need any set-up in between orders. 

So it’s the same cost to print 1 copy as it is to print 1,000. That means you don’t need to order extra documents just to hit a volume discount. 

The best on demand printing services not only allow you to print when you need it, but can guide you and ensure your print job comes out just how you want it to. 

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An on demand printer that has as much experience as Mimeo does has a team of dedicated representatives to help ensure your printed work is perfect. Now you can feel great about being green and getting the best prints.  

3. Experiment with Designs and Updates 

With print on demand, you can print smaller quantities, which allows you to keep  collateral fresh and updated. Need to update a design? No problem. Need to make changes to an itinerary or updated your contact info? You got it. On demand print assures that your materials are always up to date. 

So Much More to Offer

On demand printing can prove to be a real game-changer for your event planning. Want to learn more about how print on demand can help your business? Want to learn about the other advantages of POD? Check out how Mimeo’s on demand printing services can make your life easier and your events stronger.

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