Bring your learners together for a live makerspace! The main course of an effective blend, a makerspace event provides an opportunity for learners to envision, prototype, and create blended learning resources.

For me, a makerspace is my favorite blended learning element: with the right planning, I enable learners to work through a problem or process, identify a solution, and bring a finished learning product back to their jobs for immediate use.

In my “Do It Yourself” events, I create an environment for learners to leverage existing knowledge, harness their creativity, and collaborate with their peers while working towards a common goal. I’ve used this approach to engage learners in creating a new infographic, recording a podcast, and filming an explainer video.

Combine your vision with my proven approach for a blended learning event your learners won’t soon forget!


A defined end product

Expert facilitator

Engaged modern learners



Clarify learning objectives.


Give learners tools to create as a group.


Outline the rules:

• Safety first.

• Failure is ok.

• Ask anything.

• Use what is here.

• Add what is missing.

• Take something home.

• Make something more.


Allow learners the time to rise (to the occasion)!


Share the product with group.

About Phylise

Phylise Banner, Blended Learning Hub Curator, is a learning experience designer with over 25 years of vision, action, and leadership experience in transformational teaching and learning approaches within academia and industry. A pioneer in online learning, she regularly seeks out and embraces opportunities to experiment with emerging pedagogies and technologies in order to best serve learners, and to create vibrant and engaged communities of practice.

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