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Recipes to better leverage your content,
use print and digital mediums,
and increase learner engagement.


Blended Learning

Employing multiple training methods and technologies to deliver learning on a particular topic

There is no denying that blended learning is the future of corporate training. For most companies, it is already the present. In our annual State of Learning and Development report, we found that 100% of respondents already use a blended approach. While the sophistication ranges from using a video to supplement an in-person course to designing a six-month reinforcement scheme, training teams recognize they must reach learners in multiple ways to maximize the effectiveness of their training.

Essential to delivering blended learning is developing content that can be leveraged in each different piece of the training. Rather than taking your training manual and funneling it into a webinar series, content must be crafted with each course in mind.

As a result, we asked a variety of industry experts to contribute their favorite blended recipes. From preparing your kitchen with executive buy-in to experimenting with virtual reality, this cookbook provides a variety of methods, modalities, tips, and technologies to deliver a valuable blended learning experience.

Of course, we practice what we preach. In addition to this digital cookbook, we’ll send you a printed version for you to keep at your desk or hand around to your colleagues – simply click the request button below.

We hope you enjoy and are able to use these recipes as resources for your L&D strategy!

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At Mimeo, we deliver blended training content into the hands of over 10,000 learners every day. As we see innovative and exciting content printed and delivered digitally, we want to pick the brains of our amazing customers to share with you their best experiments with blended content.  These recipes are just a taste of what training teams across the business world are cooking up to engage their learners. Since blended learning programs will only continue to grow, we hope to continue collecting and curating recipes for our community of learning professionals.  If you have a favorite blended recipe of your own, fill out the postcard that came with your book.

In the meantime, happy learning!